SIQURA™ featured on the cover of Clean Middle East Magazine


Siqura Cover Clean Middle East Magazine

It is a global phenomenon. Across the world, cleaning products manufacturers and cleaning companies are struggling to meet the constant demand for

disinfection services. At the same time, companies are bringing in a new generation of cleaning products that are cost effective, sustainable and redefine the very concept of disinfecting!

Take, for instance, SIQURA™. SIQURA™ is a world- leading surface disinfectant and protectant that is manufactured in Australia. Its local arm is SIQURATM Middle East, which is responsible for the education, deployment and regional supply of SIQURA™ products in the Middle East market. SIQURA™ is the result of an amalgamation of decades of R&D on resilient antimicrobial surface coatings. Today, SIQURA™ products protect hands for up to 24 hours and surfaces for up to 30 days after just one application.

Amine Ben, Director, SIQURA™ Middle East,
says, “Most traditional disinfectants evaporate within 5 minutes, leaving surfaces vulnerable to recontamination; that’s only half the job done. With an estimated 80% of infectious diseases occurring due to contact spread through hands and surfaces, it's time
for a new approach to surface sanitisation.”