SIQURA — it’s all in the name.

You see, SIQURA means Secure. And that’s what we’re all about — supporting healthier environments that leave you feeling more secure.

We believe that it’s time to raise the bar when it comes to cleaning and sanitation. Because our world is in serious need of a new standard. Traditional disinfectants and sanitation products are only doing half the job we need them to — while they may kill what’s on the surface, they do absolutely nothing to defend against what is to come.

Enter, SIQURA. The next generation of cleaning product.


Designed with our world leading QuatLock technology all SIQURA protectants are a two in one solution.

They not only disinfect, but they also provide long-lasting protection, actively defending surfaces against the pathogenic microbes that come their way.

Long-lasting protection means peace of mind. It means efficiency. And most of all it means you can rest secure knowing that SIQURA is actively defending your world.

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