With SIQURA once you foam your hands (with or without water) please allow the product to dry. It will be slightly sticky while wet. Once dry your hands will be left with a non-sticky protective coating for up to 24 hours. They will also feel soft and moisturised due to our coconut oil additive.

Yes, it is still safe to eat with your hands after using SIQURA

Regularly using different soaps all day can start to deteriorate the protective layer on your hands. We suggest placing SIQURA in every bathroom, so if you are worried about loosing your protective layer, you can reapply more then once a day. If you are a professional working in healthcare and are prone to washing intensely all day, it's a great idea to use SIQURA with every wash.

Our 50ml Travel bottle will give you 100 foam applications. If you are using this while travelling, you can reapply more than once a day to protect yourself even further. As we do understand using there is higher risk's of being unwell while you are overseas.

Our 375ml bottle will last up to 440 foaming applications.  That's over a year's worth of daily protection. 


This product is our highest grade protectant, lasting up until 30 days on any surface. 

It is perfect to use on Commercial surfaces that don't need to be washed constantly. 
Work desks, floors, bathrooms.

If you work in the medical field, we suggest using our Hospital Grade disinfectant to clean surfaces. It will last 24 hours and is TGA approved.

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